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Partial - Full Highlights

  • 2 hr
  • $100 (P) - $150 (F)
  • Last Tangle Salon, 1146 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Service Description

Highlights are great for mimicking the beautiful light strands that are associated with “sun kissed” hair. When applied to dirty blonde or mousy brown hair, highlights transform these colors into shades that are rich, beautiful and alluring. I use partial highlights to draw attention to certain features, accentuate a style, or create a new look for a simple cut. With full highlights, I evenly highlight your entire head to break up color that may be too flat or one-dimensional. I often apply highlights in two or more different shades – either with shades lighter than the base color (and one shade lighter than the other) or with one shade being lighter and one darker than the base color. The latter style of highlighting is called “dimensional coloring” and is used to produce a more natural and pleasing look. Lowlights are similar to highlights. Instead of removing color to create lighter strands that highlight the hair, I use color to create darker strands that add warmth to the hair. Lowlights are a great option for many with salt and pepper gray hair and want to put a bit more “pepper” back into the hair. To maintain a full head of highlights or lowlights, crown re-growth should be re-touched in one or two 4-6 week interval visits, with a return for a full head. Another option is to have the full head followed by a half-head about 3 months later and then a full head 3 months after that.

Contact Details

+ 2O2-775-1999

1146 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA

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